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Online trading has gained rapidly in the last five years thanks to the growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Today, AI-driven systems are delivering a windfall of profits to investors in all assets category.

Bitcode Prime is a popular online trading system dedicated to bitcoin trading. The trading program was founded in 2019 and has gained hundreds of thousands of users since its launch. This trading bot has been trending for months.

Its popularity is driven by the amazing testimonials on the web. Many Bitcode Prime users report consistent profitability from the first day of trading. The daily average daily profitability rate is reportedly 15.2%.

Expert reports indicate that this rate of return can shoot to 95% in volatility peaks. The volatility peaks are driven by unprecedented market events. But is Bitcode Prime tested and proven to be genuine and profitable as claimed? You will find detailed answers to this and many other important questions in this post.

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Bitcode Prime Review – Introduction

A lot has been said about Bitcode Prime in the crypto trading circles. As stated above, this trading system is a viral trend on the internet.

Many have praised it for superior profitability, ease of use, and safety. We have fact-checked all information on this robot’s website and found it accurate. The main points to note about Bitcode Prime are summarised in the table below.

Robot type Legit and fully automated
Profitability potential Insane returns (up to 300%) in volatility peaks
Minimum trading capital required USD250
Transparency Blockchain driven
Tradable instrument Bitcoin volatility via CFDs
Ease of use Beginner-friendly
Trading platforms Web and mobile
Reputation Great
Withdrawals Instant
Trading fees and commissions A 2% commission on a profitable trade. No trading commission
Registration fees None
Hidden fees None
Customer support 24/7


Bitcode Prime is a genuine online trading system. The platform is also a super performer, with daily returns surpassing 300% in high volatility. Its profitability is driven by many factors, some outside the user’s control. You are likely to be profitable, but there is also a possibility of making losses.

What is Bitcode Prime?

Bitcode Prime is a platform that makes money online for users through automated bitcoin trading. Users are required to sign up on the platform’s site and fund their account with a minimum of USD250.

The platform’s algorithms study the markets to determine bitcoin volatility trading opportunities. Bitcoin volatility trading involves placing bets on BTC swings paired against other cryptos and fiats.

This robot claims to trade up to 200 crypto pairs with BTC as the base. The quote currency includes trending altcoins and fiat currencies. This bot reportedly trades up to 10 BTC pairs every minute.

These pairs are selected based on volatility, with highly volatile assets being prioritised. The more volatile a pair is, the higher the profitability potential. All the trading through this platform is conducted by its intelligent algorithms.

The algorithms are AI-driven. Moreover, they depend on machine learning technologies to learn and adapt to the dynamic crypto markets. This ensures that Bitcode Prime is profitable in unprecedented market events.

Experts rate this trading program as the most profitable in the best bitcoin robots category. We rate it among the top 5 best auto-trading systems today. Keep reading to discover more about this trading bot.

How does Bitcode Prime work?

Automated volatility trading is popular across all asset classes. There are thousands of volatility trading robots in the market today.

Most of these are dedicated to trading traditional assets such as stock, market indices, commodities, and forex. The crypto industry is pretty new, and hence only a few robots are specialised to trade its volatility.

A good crypto robot must be super profitable, given the high-level volatility witnessed in this industry. Leading cryptos such as bitcoin are 100 times more volatile than traditional assets such as forex, stock, and commodities.

A worthwhile crypto robot should be superfast to stay ahead of the volatility witnessed in the industry. Bitcode Prime applies AI to ensure high speed and accurate trading. Many expert reviewers estimate the daily profitability to be above 300%.

This robot trades the volatility using derivatives known as Contract for Differences (CFDs). CFDs allow you to ride the price swings of an asset without owning it. We won’t go into the details of CFDs derivatives trading since this information is a requirement for successful trading.

Any complete beginner with zero crypto trading experience can find their way around this trading bot. The only thing they should do is watch the tutorial video and try out the robot via the demo.

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All trading carries risk.

Is Bitcode Prime a genuine trading bot?

This is an important question given the many skeptics on the web. While many praise this robot for profitability, there are those who claim that its profitability is exaggerated.

We have investigated Bitcode Prime and concluded that it’s genuine. Only a legitimate platform can have gain the reputation of this robot. If the thousands of reviews on the internet are anything to go by, then this trading bot is legitimate.

Moreover, it has the potential to deliver a windfall or profits in high volatility periods. Many agree that its rate of return can shoot to the roof in volatility peaks. Experts estimate the average daily return rate to be 15%.

This return rate can increase by a whopping 200% in the volatility peaks. A volatility peak is defined by a rapid price gain or fall. Bitcode Prime applies a multi-strategy approach to volatility trading. The bot has earned a big name in bitcoin shorting. Shorting Bitcoin CFDs can be super profitable if implemented appropriately.

Wikipedia defines short selling or shorting is a technique that allows investors to profit when an asset falls. We won’t go into the details of shorting since this knowledge is not important when trading with Bitcode Prime.

This review has ascertained that Bitcode Prime is transparent and secure. The bot ensures high level transparency by running all transactions in a blockchain system. Moreover, all fees are executed through a smart contracts system to eliminate disputes.

Bitcode Prime further confirms its dedication to transparent trading by operating under highly regulated brokers. This trading bot’s users must fund their accounts through these brokers. The brokers link Bitcode Prime to liquidity pools for instant order placing.

Bitcode Prime Features

This robot comes with some exciting features. It’s through these features that it’s able to deliver returns of up to 300% daily.

As stated earlier, this robot has outshined most of the trading bots in the market today. These include those used by institutional investors to trade traditional assets. Bitcode Prime is the best performing trading bot globally.

The bot is likely to remain on top given its highly powerful Machine Learning (ML) driven systems. ML-driven trading robots learn and improve themselves from big data. The Bitcode Prime ML algorithm has proven to be super accurate.

This explains why it has maintained superior performance in the insanely dynamic crypto robots. Bitcode Prime has broken the record for maintaining performance in the highly volatile markets. Most of its competitors experience a rapid decline in unprecedented market events.

This trading bot seems to perform best in extreme market conditions. For instance, it has been insanely profitable in the recent stablecoins crisis. The stablecoin crisis has triggered a massive sell-off, with bitcoin plummeting by over 50%.

Discussed below are the key features that make Bitcode Prime super-profitable during extremely volatile market events.

High-Frequency Trading

This trading approach involves using super-powerful algorithms to identify and trade short-term price movements. Bitcode Prime uses the HFT algorithms to predict small price movements on bitcoin CFDs and place bets on them.

Until recently, HFT trading on crypto has only been accessible to big institutional investors. This trading bot is reportedly the first to implement it in retail bitcoin CFDs trading.

Advanced News Trading

News trading is one of the many strategies of High-Frequency Trading. The news trading technique involves generating insights from industry related news as they happen. Bitcode Prime uses a powerful NLP-driven algorithm to trade news. The robot captures breaking news as they happen and generates trades at supersonic speeds. Over 90% of the trades delivered by this platform reportedly make money. Bitcode Prime claims to be always ahead of the markets.

Price Trend Trading

This is another super powerful HFT trading technique. Price trend study is also applied in manual trading through platforms such as the MT4. The MT4 has tools to help traders analyse historical price data to predict future price trends. Bitcode Prime eliminates the hassles of analysing the price trend manually. The trading bot’s price trend study technique contributes more than 50% of all the returns delivered by this bot.

Statistical Arbitrage Strategy

The statistical arbitrage technique is another cash cow for Bitcode Prime. This high-frequency trading technique takes advanced relative mispricing across various bitcoin CFDs. As stated earlier, Bitcode Prime trades up to 200 bitcoin CFDs. The robot uses the SAS technique to make money from the price discrepancies of these pairs across different markets. This trading bot is the first to implement this sophisticated technique in the crypto markets.

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Why Trade with Bitcode Prime today?

Analysts predict a massive rise in crypto volatility in the coming months. The massive volatility will be triggered by highly-anticipated industry-related news-event across the globe.

These news events will mark the beginning of a massive bitcoin adoption in the mainstream. Consequently, the industry will experience rapid growth, with prices rising tenfold within a month. The crypto boom triggered by these announcements will reportedly continue for more than a year.

Bitcode Prime users will enjoy amazing profits daily during the boom. Analysts predict that the robot’s average profitability rate could rise to 50% during the boom. Moreover, the bot could generate a profit of up to 800% during these volatility peaks.

Bitcode Prime is already super profitable today. This means that it’s a good bet for anyone interested in an easy way to make money online. While the robot’s performance is mostly good, profitability shouldn’t be taken as given.

There is always a risk of losing money in all crypto trading. This trading bot comes with advanced features to minimise this risk but doesn’t eliminate it completely. Any prudent investor should evaluate their risk appetite and diversify their portfolio accordingly.

This bot should be treated as a highly risky investment. High-risk investments should only take a small portion of your portfolio.

The Pros and Cons of Trading with Bitcode Prime

We have scrutinised Bitcode Prime to identify its core strengths and weaknesses. These are discussed in the table below.

Pros Cons
Highly profitable High-level trading risk
Easy to use Not available in the US
Available on the web and mobile platforms  
Affordable to all  
Transparent fee mechanism  
No registration fees  
Free deposits and withdrawals  
24/7 customer support  


Bitcode Prime vs Scam Trading Robots

We have compared Bitcode Prime with well-known scams and listed the differences in the table below.

Bitcode Prime Scam trading robots
Proven performance rate Unproven performance claims
Partnership with quality brokers Works with unregulated offshore brokers
Great reputation A lot of complaints from clients
Safe trading environment Many data breach incidents
Traceable physical location No physical location
Easily reachable customer service Many complaints about unreachable customer service
Straightforward withdrawal process Dodgy when it comes to withdrawals


How to trade with Bitcode Prime

Bitcode Prime is available in up to 120 countries word wide. Anyone can sign up with this bot and generate amazing profit right from the start. We have put together the four simple steps to follow to get started with this platform.

Signup on the Bitcode Prime Website

Register with Bitcode Prime here by filling out the signup form. You will go to the underlying broker’s page by clicking next. Submit the necessary information to authenticate your account. Secure your account and proceed to the account funding page.

Fund your Bitcode Prime Account

Fund your Bitcode Prime through wire, debit and credit cards or any of the supported e-wallets. The minimum you should invest with this platform is USD250. You won’t be able to run this robot with an account balance below the minimum balance. Account funding is free for most of the methods.

Test Bitcode Prime on the demo

Use the demo account to familiarise yourself with the live Bitcode Prime account. The video published at the footer of the trading resources page explains everything you should know about this robot. Watch it carefully and try out the explained features in the demo.

Start a trading session

Trading on a live Bitcode Prime account is easy if you have prepared enough. Set the robot to apply the risk per trade that suits your risk profile and click the live button. Run Bitcode Prime for eight straight hours daily for the best results.

Final Word!

Bitcode Prime trades CFDs on bitcoin through up 200 BTC CFDs pairs. These pairs include BTC as the base and other highly volatile altcoins as the quote. Some pairs include fiat currencies as the quote.

The most popular fiat currencies traded against bitcoin through this bot include EUR, CAD, JPY, USD, NZD, AUD, and CHF. These pairs are the most traded globally and therefore have perfect liquidity. Asset liquidity is vital in fast-paced trading.

Bitcode Prime is reportedly the most lucrative automated trading system across all asset classes. Thousands of reviewers echo its superior performance on Trustpilot and other review platforms. Experts also rate this robot amazingly well on highly rated publications across the web.

We conclude that Bitcode Prime is a worthy investment for all. This platform offers the simplest and yet most profitable way to trade cryptocurrencies. You can give Bitcode Prime a try through the link below. 

Trading with it is risky, but the risk is worth it, given the possible returns. Use the link below to visit the official Bitcode Prime website.


How much can I make with Bitcode Prime?

Bitcode Prime has proven to have the potential to quadruple an investment within hours. The profitability is influenced by volatility, with high volatility translating to handsome profits. Bitcode Prime can generate mouthwatering profits by trading market events.

Is Bitcode Prime a safe trading system?

We find the Bitcode Prime website to be safe, given that it’s encrypted. Platform encryption is crucial since it prevents data breaches. We have gone through this bot’s data privacy policy and concluded that it’s well detailed.

How much do I invest with Bitcode Prime?

The amount you invest with Bitcode Prime depends on how much you can afford. You only need a minimum of USD250 to get started, but you can deposit up to $10,000. Many reviews on the web indicate that it’s possible to earn a fortune by reinvesting the profits of a $250 account.

How much can I withdraw in a transaction?

Bitcode Prime has a withdrawal per transaction limit of $20,000. You can make up to 15 free withdrawals every month. This means that you can withdraw up to $300000 for free. You will pay a fee of 1% per transaction on exhausting the free withdrawals.

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