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Expert reviews on the web indicate that Bitprime Gold is the most profitable BTC trading robot today. Thousands of verified users echo the great feedback.

Many users allege using this platform to make fortunes from a small investment. Bitprime Gold ranks top in reviews for the best bitcoin robots in 2022. We have read multiple reviews on authoritative publications, and the feedback is generally good.

A statement on this robot’s website shows that it’s more profitable during volatility peaks. The expert reviews claim that the daily profitability rate can hit 300% in high volatility. But is Bitprime Gold a bona fide trading system, and is it profitable?

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Bitprime Gold Review – Introduction

We have taken the challenge to investigate Bitprime Gold and offer an objective and detailed review. This review will cover the following areas.

  1. What is Bitprime Gold?
  2. How Bitprime Gold works
  3. Is Bitprime Gold legit?
  4. Bitprime Gold Features
  5. Is Bitprime Gold safe?
  6. Getting started with Bitprime Gold
  7. Bitprime Gold Trading Tips
  8. Final word

You shouldn’t hesitate to email our team if you have a question not explained in this post. We would also appreciate it if you could share your experience with this bot in the comment section.

What is Bitprime Gold?

Bitprime Gold is a web-based platform where you can register and make money almost immediately. The platform generates profits for users by using automated trading technologies to trade bitcoin.

Bitprime Gold claims to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure profitability from all trading opportunities. It conducts every trading step, including trading research and order placing on autopilot. This makes it a great bet for those looking for easy ways to generate handsome profits online.

Expert reviewers report that this bot can deliver up to 300% daily profits during volatility peaks. A volatility peak is defined by a rapid increase in the price swings of an asset. Bitprime Gold alleges an average income of 15% on normal volatility.

Our compounding calculator indicates that it’s possible to build a fortune by compounding the returns of a $250 account at an average daily profitability rate of 15%. Some of this trading bot’s users have been lucky to grow a small investment into fortunes.

This bot offers a transparent bitcoin trading environment by recording all transactions in an immutable public ledger. Also, all transactions happen on a smart contracts technology to eliminate disputes.

According to IBM, a smart contract is a program stored on a blockchain that runs when predetermined conditions are met. The immutable public ledger is also known as blockchain. Bitprime Gold is one of the extremely rare blockchain-based bitcoin CFD trading robots.

How does Bitprime Gold work?

Bitprime Gold’s profitability is driven by its superior trading strategies. These strategies make it the most advanced High-Frequency Trading (HFT) system.

This robot’s approach to trading has earned it a big name in all asset trading categories. Bitprime Gold claims to generate most of the profits trading the news. The news trading strategy involves placing bets on an asset based on the prediction of how certain news affects its volatility.

Bitcoin volatility is largely influenced by breaking news. The Bitprime Gold algorithm uses the NLP algorithm to read news from multiple authoritative sources and act upon them. This bot claims to capture breaking news within a millisecond of release.

The speed at which it captures the news enables it to beat the markets most of the time. This translates to amazing profits with a daily return rate rising to 300% in high volatility. Bitprime Gold also uses a technical analysis approach to trading. In this approach, the bot analyzes bitcoin price trends and identifies repeatable patterns.

These patterns are translated into trading insights and executed through the attached brokers. Bitprime Gold claims an accuracy level of above 90%. This means that there is a huge possibility of making money with it.

Bitprime Gold Tradable Assets

As stated previously, Bitprime Gold speculates on bitcoin through the CFDs derivatives. But what are CFDs, and how do they work?

According to Investopedia, a Contract for Difference (CFD) enables traders to profit from price movement without owning the underlying asset. CFDs are classified among financial securities known as derivatives.

You don’t have to worry about the technical information since it’s not a prerequisite for successful trading with this bot. Bitprime Gold offers up to 150 bitcoin CFD pairs. The pairs are identified and traded based on their volatility.

Bitprime Gold AI algorithms identify the highly bitcoin CFDs volatile pairs and place bets on them. We will discuss some of the strategies applied by this bot to make money off CFDs later in this review.

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Bitprime Gold Trading Platforms

Many of our readers have asked us to comment on the Bitprime Gold hybrid app. We have thoroughly tested this trading bot’s trading platforms to determine if they are worthwhile. The findings are explained below.

  • We find the trading experience with this bot to be fun. Most of its features are game-like hence making the trading process enjoyable. You can use Bitprime Gold on any browser. However, we recommend using Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Brave, or Safari for safety purposes.
    • You can trade with Bitprime Gold on your smartphone using their highly intuitive hybrid app. A hybrid app is a web-trader in an app’s shell. The app, therefore, includes all the features of the web trader. Bitprime Gold has recently disclosed that it’s in the final stages of developing a hybrid app. We will notify you when the app is available on Play Store and App Store.
  • Bitprime Gold doesn’t have a desktop app. There is a possibility that it will introduce one when it launches a semi-automated trading function. The semi-auto function is reportedly a work in progress and could be launched in a few months. This function will mostly serve professional wealth managers.

Bitprime Gold outshines most of its competitors in trading robots. However, we believe it could do better to enhance the user experience.

Why Invest in Bitprime Gold?

The world is now controlled by information technology, with almost every industry relying on computerized systems to make work easier.

Any company that fails to catch up with competitors in terms of technological advancements is bound to be crashed. The growth of automation has seen industries embrace robots to perform complex tasks once only dedicated to experts.

Professional industries such as finance and healthcare adopt AI-driven systems to perform expert functions. In finance, AI-driven computer programs take over trading and investment at breathtaking speeds.

Robo advisers and trading robots are delivering better returns than wealth managers. This explains why institutional investors across the globe are investing in computer-driven trading and investment. Robo-advisors are for long term investment, while trading robots capitalize on short-term price movements.

Bitprime Gold is a trading robot specialized in trading the volatility of bitcoin through CFDs. This robot ensures superior profitability through AI-driven trading. The robot is rated highly by tens of experts and thousands of users. Expert reviewers on authoritative publications conclude that it’s among the best performing bitcoin robots today. We have ascertained the profitability claims by testing it on a demo platform.

The demo test also reveals that the robot is easy and fun to trade with. Visit the Bitprime Gold site here to trade on the demo or read on to learn more. Please note that you can only access the demo after signing up and depositing the required capital.

Bitprime Gold Testimonials

We find this auto-trading platform to be extremely reputable, given the many reviews on the web. Below is a snapshot of the many Bitprime Gold reviews on the web.

“I have been using Bitprime Gold for a week and can’t believe my luck. My investment has grown tenfold within days. I have been profitable right from the start. This bitcoin trading bot works like a charm.” – Anita J. Sydney AUS.

“I discovered Bitprime Gold at the start of the Covid19 pandemic. This bot has changed my life! I have paid off my debts and started saving for my dream house. I am confident that this bot will make me a proud homeowner soon.”

“I was always sceptical about online trading until I tried Bitprime Gold. This robot has taught me to work smart. Finally, I can make handsome profits without breaking a sweat. I would recommend it to anyone looking to make money online.”

“Bitprime Gold is risky, but it’s worth a try. I lost nearly all my investment in the first few trading days but didn’t give up. My patience finally paid off, and today I can confidently say that I am on my way to the millionaires club. This trading bot performance is a phenomenon.

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Bitprime Gold in the Social Media

We have gone through thousands of Reddit threads discussing Bitprime Gold. No other trading bot can beat this platform in popularity. Thousands have written positive testimonials about this platform on sites such as Trustpilot.

Bitcoin Gold has trended on social media for months. The robot seems to be attracting most of the traffic from Europe, North America, and Asia. However, the robot is available in over a hundred countries.

Information on its website shows that it’s not available in the US, China, Egypt, Qatar, Morocco, and a few other countries. We have determined that users from these regions can trade and withdraw, but they are not safeguarded by any regulation.

Even with the worldwide availability, securing a trading slot with this bot can be a hassle. This is because the bot has limited the number of daily signups.

Signups are offered on a lottery basis, and hence you need to try your luck by visiting their site now and then.

How to trade with Bitprime Gold

Setting Bitprime Gold for trading and managing sessions is quite easy. As explained in this post, this bitcoin trading robot automates all the trading.

The settings are self-explanatory for all, including those who haven’t participated in any trading before. Find a step by step trading guide below to help you get started with Bitprime Gold.

  • Sign up with Bitprime Gold on its official site by clicking here. Do not follow registration links from less known sources since you may find yourself registering on cloned sites.
  • Finish the signup by uploading the requisite document with the underlying broker. You will automatically redirect to the broker’s page on completing step one. Identity verification is a global requirement for all deposit-taking firms.
  • Fund your Bitprime Gold account by selecting your preferred method and following the self-explanatory method. You can deposit via wire transfer or use debit/credit cards. Some e-wallets may also be eligible.
  • Familiarize with Bitprime Gold through the trading tutorial video. Test the platform using the demo account and only go live when ready. Set the robot and toggle the live session button to go live.

Final word!

Bitprime Gold has everything that we expect to find in a genuine platform. The great reviews on the web are enough proof of its superior performance.

This robot has a history of delivering a windfall of profits in high volatility events. Its profitability can reportedly shoot to the skies in high volatility. Bitprime Gold has reportedly delivered profits up to 300% in high volatility events.

There is proof that it maintains superior performance in all volatility. This includes during market corrections such as the one fueled by the stable coins crisis. Bitprime Gold has reportedly delivered amazing returns to investors during the recent crypto crash.

The robot allegedly uses a sophisticated short-selling approach to trade the crypto bear markets. This bot makes money off 200+ bitcoin CFDs pairs. These pairs include trending altcoins and fiat as the quote currency.

We conclude that Bitprime Gold is worth a try despite the risk. You can try your luck now by signing up with it here.


Is Bitprime Gold a profitable trading robot?

Tens of experts agree that Bitprime Gold is a lucrative investment. The robot reportedly has a track record of delivering up to 300% in daily profitability. Profitability is high during volatility peaks.

Is Bitprime Gold available on mobile?

You can use Bitprime Gold on mobile by downloading its hybrid mobile app. A hybrid app is a version of the web-trader in a mobile app framework. You can install Bitprime Gold on any mobile device.

Does Bitprime Gold charge hidden fees?

We have scrutinized Bitprime Gold and didn’t find any complaints about its fees. The bot claims to ensure fee transparency by ensuring that all transactions happen on a smart contract technology.

Is Bitprime Gold good for beginners?

Bitprime Gold is highly recommended for complete beginners. The platform offers fully automated trading. It’s therefore quite easy to operate for all clients.

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