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TeslaCoin is making the headlines as an altcoin (TES) and a crypto investment platform. Unlike most altcoins, TeslaCoin is unique since it allows investors to make money in its private sale.

Upon registration, the user must deposit a minimum possible amount of $250, converted into TES and traded against the major cryptocurrency. After funding the trading account, the user sets the trading parameters as the automatic trading systems place orders.

The automation is achieved through the trading algorithms that track the price movement, thus allowing the robot to enter and exit trade instantaneously.

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What is TeslaCoin?

TeslaCoin (TES) is a digital currency founded in 2020. Some posts falsely associate it with the Tesla Company. However, the two projects are not related. The former is an electric car manufacturer, while the latter is a cryptocurrency.

TeslaCoin crypto has completed the pilot testing and is now in the private sale stage. An opportunity is available to invest in the private sale for a few lucky investors.

According to the analysis from the previous reviews, TeslaCoin is anticipated to surpass the majority of cryptocurrencies in value. The crypto could trade at $50 per coin by the public sale and have a market capitalization of $500 billion.

This will make it the second most valuable cryptocurrency after bitcoin. TeslaCoin is offering the opportunity to make huge profits in its private sale. You can invest now by visiting their website and signing up as instructed.

TeslaCoin Website

Finding the official TeslaCoin Website can be challenging for new users, given the many clones out there. As we will see later in this post, some clickbait reviews share links to the cloned sites.

The fake reviews falsely associate TeslaCoin with celebrities. Following the links in these reviews will likely lead you to the cloned sites. Only follow links from reputable publications such as this one when visiting the official TeslaCoin website. 

The website is updated with all the information you need about this crypto before trading. At the top right corner of the login page is a link that leads to the highly regulated TeslaCoin partner brokers.

On the other hand, the footer presents the disclaimer regarding the legal restrictions, site risk disclosure, high-risk investment warning, and USA regulation notice.

TeslaCoin Wallet

This platform comes with a wallet to store the TES you buy at the private sale. Upon funding the wallet, the user is assigned the coins that match their investment.

As we will see later in this post, TES is not available on any exchange. This is because it’s still in the private sale. You won’t find it on Coinbase, Kraken, or Binance until the public sale. But there is nothing to worry about since you can buy TES on its website.

The private sale happens through the site linked on this page. And as explained previously, only the lucky few will manage to invest in the private sale. You should try your luck with TeslaCoin by visiting their site and attempting the signup.

Register immediately if a slot is available. You may not secure another opportunity if you fail to register immediately.

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How Profitable is TeslaCoin (TES)?

You must deposit at least USD250 to participate in the private sale. TeslaCoin is currently trading at $0.005. A $250 deposit can buy 50,000 TES coins.

The TES price is rising rapidly, with experts predicting that it will hit $1 in the next three months. Therefore, an investment of $250 today could be worth $50,000 in the next three months. Many expert reports we have studied indicate that TES could rise to $50 during the public sale.

The public sale is likely to happen in the mid of 2023. An investment of USD250 now could be worth $2.5 million by the public sale. The likelihood is huge, but nothing is guaranteed. You should therefore treat TES as a risky investment.

High-risk investments such as TeslaCoin should never take more than 10% of your investment portfolio. We are not financial advisors, and hence the info on this post shouldn’t be taken as financial advice. Consult a financial advisor if you are unsure how much you should invest in crypto.

How much should I invest in TeslaCoin?

Depositing money in your TeslaCoin wallet should be easy. As stated earlier, this platform is still in the private sale stage.

This implies that it’s not available on any crypto exchange. Therefore, you can only fund it through its site. TeslaCoin has appointed some high-quality financial brokers to facilitate funding on its account.

These brokers allow deposits through wire, debit/credit cards, WebMoney, Skrill, Neteller, and bitcoin wallet. Some of the brokers may support other payment methods. Account funding through most of the methods is free.

TeslaCoin does not charge deposit fees. However, some financial institutions facilitating the deposit may charge a small deposit fee.

How does TeslaCoin work?

TeslaCoin (TES) is a new digital currency launched in 2020. The digital currency is reportedly in the private sale stage.

TES is offering a few lucky investors the opportunity to make money from its rapidly rising prices. The lucky investors can buy it on its website and hold it until the public sale. Those who do not want to hold it for long can sell it at a profit during the private sale.

TES is trading at 0.005 USD today. Investment analysts report that it will rise rapidly to hit $1 in the next three months. This means that those who invest $250 today could grow their investment to $50,000 in the next few months.

As mentioned previously, TES could rise to $50 by the public sale next year. If this is the case, those who invest USD250 today will become millionaires. We have investigated TES and confirmed that it’s a genuine digital currency.

However, we were not able to confirm the predicted growth rate. There is enough data on the web to support this digital currency’s alleged growth rate. It’s therefore worth investing in. However, you shouldn’t test the waters with more than USD250.

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TeslaCoin Coinmarketcap

Coinmarketcap allows the users to review the price chart but has limited metrics. The exchange has no information on the maximum total supply of TES, its rank on the market, 24-hour trading volume, and the market cap.

Is TeslaCoin a Scam?

Based on the reviews we have analyzed, it’s evident that this digital currency is legitimate. We have come across many profitability claims on the web.

Background checks on these claims reveal that they are from real TES investors. Consequently, the TES project is highly likely to be super profitable. The information on this project’s website confirms the alleged profitability rate.

Information on the website shows that the majority of the investors have already gained fortunes within the past six months. The growth of this altcoin is expected to shoot to the skies in the coming months.

An investment of USD250 on TES now could make you super-wealthy in less than six months. Such a small investment could be worth tens of thousands of dollars in the next month.

How to Invest in TeslaCoin

Investing in TeslaCoin is worth the risk, given the potential profits. This part of the review provides a step by step procedure on how to sign up and start trading.

Register a free account

Registering for a TeslaCoin account is simple. Visit their official website and fill out the form at the top right corner. Submit the signup form to be taken to an assigned broker’s page. Provide additional information and verify your TeslaCoin account according to the KYC requirements. 

Fund the account with at least USD250

You will be assigned TES coins equivalent to your invested capital. The minimum you should deposit to participate in the TES private sale is USD250. You can fund your account through wire or use any debit/credit card.

The brokers do not charge any additional transaction fees except those imposed by the financial firm facilitating the transaction.

Familiarize with the TeslaCoin investment platform

Upon depositing the funds into a trading account, TeslaCoin provides a demo account to its customers. Use the demo to master the key features of the investment platform. You need to master the investment platform to avoid costly mistakes. The platform should help you master the TES buying and selling process. Follow what you learn to invest in TeslaCoin.

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Advantages of Investing in TeslaCoin

New altcoin investment projects such as this one provide amazing opportunities to make money. Investors who manage to get in the game early can enjoy the first-mover advantage.

As mentioned earlier, TeslaCoin comes with an investment platform to help investors make money on its private sale. We have discussed the advantages of investing in TES through this platform below.


High-level profitability potential – As explained previously, TES is rising rapidly. The digital currency has gained more than ten times in the last month. The price of TES is expected to hit $1 in the next three months. If this happens, a 250 USD investment today could be worth $50,000.

Easy to use investment platform – You don’t have to navigate the tedious traditional crypto investment process to invest in TES private sale. Register a free account on the TeslaCoin website and follow the guide to invest.

Less risky investment – Investing in TES private sale is less risky than the traditional altcoins investment. This is because digital currency is already worth billions of dollars. This gives it the liquidity to ensure instant buying and selling.

Available on web and mobile – You can invest in TES private sales on your smartphone. The platform comes with a hybrid version that can install on mobile devices. It should work perfectly well on any smartphone.


High level risky – Investing in TES is highly risky compared to other investments. But this is expected given the strong positive correlation between reward and risk. The higher the risk, the more money you should expect to make.

Limited Registration slots – TES is still in the private sale stage, and therefore, only a few can register. Keep checking the TeslaCoin website for slots if you can’t sign up on the first try.

Tesla Coin in the Fake News

Following its increasing popularity, TeslaCoin is perceived to have been featured in media and endorsed by celebrities. Some of the viral TeslaCoin media mentions include:

TeslaCoin Elon Musk

Elon Musk, a business magnate, has been featured severally on media making sentiments on crypto and altcoins such as DOGE. Recently, he affirmed that Tesla is accepting DOGE as a form of payment for its products.

However, he is yet to comment on his support for the TeslaCoin project. Despite the altcoin’s name being linked to Tesla Company, his support for the project is still unconfirmed. As mentioned above, this project has nothing to do with the Tesla car manufacturer company.

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Final Word!

TeslaCoin cryptocurrency (TES) is legit crypto. This crypto was launched in 2020 and has gained massive popularity since then.

TES has been in the pilot testing phase until March 2022. The TES project is currently in the private sale stage and is open to investors. However, the number of investors in this stage is quite limited. Registration slots at this stage are offered on a lottery basis. This means that only a lucky few manage to sign up.

You should try your luck on their website through the link below. Do not give up if you can’t secure a slot on the first try. There is a likelihood that you will succeed after several attempts. An opportunity to invest in TES could be your key to the millionaires club.

This post explains that TES could grow from $0.005 today to $50 by next year. This growth could turn a $250 investment into multimillions. You don’t need trading skills to make money from the TES public sale.


Is TeslaCoin a scam?

Since TeslaCoin software is still in its early stages of development, its credibility is yet to be quantified by the customer reviews and social media endorsements. Therefore, it is wise to invest the minimum possible while testing how it works.

Can I make money with TeslaCoin?

According to TeslaCoin affiliated sites, the winning rate is gradually increasing following the anticipated bull market. However, it is unconfirmed whether the claims are true or exaggerated for advertising purposes.

Is TeslaCoin safe?

While regulated brokers and blockchain-based operations can ensure safety, personal responsibility is also important. Follow the TeslaCoin safety instructions carefully to avoid to ensure full safety.

What are Bitcoin robots and crypto robots?

Automated trading systems utilize sophisticated algorithms to track the price movement and respond to the market faster and more accurately than traditional trading. The trading robot is prompted on the limit orders to buy and sell by specifying the trading parameters.


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