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Forex Fury is an auto-trading forex bot that provides users favorable trading opportunities using their proprietary trading strategy. It’s a forex expert advisor (EA) that’s compatible with any MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platforms.

In our Forex Fury review, we’ll take a look at the software’s key features, fees, and how to use the product. 

Forex Fury Explained

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Founded in 2015 by Forex Robot Nation, Forex Fury was created by a team of forex traders aiming to build a profitable forex robot that improves day by day. Backed by a 93% account win rate verified by Myfxbook, the trading bot has shown to find profitable opportunities in the market.

Forex Fury comes in two packages to choose from: Forex Fury Gold Lifetime Membership and Forex Fury Diamond Lifetime Membership. Both packages offer the same algorithmic trading bot, exclusive membership community, and educational guides. 

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When it comes to the actual Forex Fury EA, trade settings can be tweaked by users to accommodate different forex trading styles, strategies, and configurations. The Forex Fury team has stated that the bot can be used by traders of all skill levels. They’ve integrated smart money management measures to keep sustainable growth for its clients’ portfolios.

According to Forex Fury’s user testimonials, feedback and reviews for the product is over 90% positive. Thanks to the fluid rating system that the Forex Fury team uses for internal rankings and their responses to the community, they have been able to grow their team and continue finding success for their traders.

Your capital is at risk.

How Does Forex Fury Work?

Like other auto-trading robots, Forex fury makes use of forex signals to identify trading opportunities for its user. Particularly, Forex Fury looks for ranging market conditions where the price of the forex pair moves within a distinguished range. Certain forex pairs have been found to move in a more ranging style which the bot can successfully trade.

Aside from Forex Fury’s strategy of trading within a range, the EA also makes sure to restrict trading periods within a specific time frame. 4-5pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) is the period that Forex Fury identifies as having low volatility – meaning less risk and quicker trades.

Forex Fury is usually in and out of trades quickly as it primarily involves day trading methods. It has a one hour window to open trades when it finds profitable opportunities, but it can close trades later in the day if conditions permit. By restricting the time window for trading, Forex Fury can make more consistent and testable positions in the market.

Based on all of this, Forex Fury is capable of finding winning trades for its users. However, limitations exist just like any trading bot. The EA cannot take into account factors such as news, so it’s important for any user to know how the robot operates and executes positions. Thankfully, Forex Fury comes with a complete guide and walkthrough videos to help traders learn about all its tools and settings.

Forex Fury Pros & Cons


  • Compatible with any MT4 and MT5 broker
  • 93% winning record on Myfxbooks
  • Access to Members Area and content
  • Full 24/7 customer support
  • Trade all forex pairs, indices, and crypto
  • Complete video guides and configurations
  • Automated trading
  • Open unlimited demo accounts
  • One time purchase, no additional fees


  • No mobile app
  • Starts at $229.99

Forex Fury Fees & Charges

Access to Forex Fury’s trading software, members area, educational content, and trade settings are bundled with a one time purchase of either the Gold Membership product or the Diamond Membership product. Here’s a short fee summary in the table below.

Gold Membership (1 live account) $229.99 
Diamond Membership (2 live accounts) $439.99
Subscription fee None
Minimum live account deposit $100

Forex Fury Portfolio Earnings

forex fury trading accounts

Forex Fury plans to achieve 10–20% monthly growth for its users. As the trading bot opens and closes positions almost daily, it aims to compound the short-term earnings to gain double digit monthly averages.

Right now, Forex Fury accounts on Myfxbook have seen consistent and positive scores. In particular, Forex Fury’s USD/JPY forex pair account has averaged 7.70% monthly compound growth after starting in 2020. Its total gains in its trading time of over two years amounts to over 680%.

Note that Forex Fury does not promise past results as an indicator for future output as market sentiment and conditions are unpredictable in nature. 

Forex Fury Key Features & Tools

Let’s go through some of the top features and benefits that Forex Fury has to offer.

Algorithmic Trading

Trade signals on Forex Fury are found through the platform’s own algorithm which uses certain filters to find good market conditions. As the forex EA can locate these patterns and operate in specific parameters, Forex Fury can execute trades in a hands-free manner.

Once Forex Fury has been properly installed and configured, users only need to keep the program running in their computers with the integrated trading platform to trade automatically. 

Trade Configurations

Forex Fury understands that traders have varying risk profiles and preferences. The forex EA has many trading settings that can handle these different trading approaches. Users who want to be more hands-on when it comes to trades have the option of manually trading with Forex Fury as a guide with the signals it gives.

One of the key trade configurations of Forex Fury is risk percentage which is represented as risk per trade. This setting dictates the lot size of positions automatically. Another setting that the EA uses is the range trading filter. This is one of the most important filters for finding low risk setups.

Compatible Brokers

Forex Fury is compatible with any MT4 broker such as IG, Pepperstone, and FBS. Additionally, all MT5 brokers can integrate the Fury EA as well. The trading software is also compatible with NFA and First In First Out (FIFO) broker setups.

Members Area

The Forex Fury Members Area is an exclusive page that features previous SET files that they’ve found to be successful. Aside from this, the page also includes client updates, educational content, and community engagements through posts. Combined with their responsive support team, the members site enhances the overall experience on Forex Fury.

Demo Trading

Paper trading or demo trading lets users get used to the Forex Fury trading bot with live prices and without having to risk any actual money. Forex Fury users can open as many demo trading accounts they want with the product through the MT4 or MT5 platforms they’re using.

In addition to helping new users learn and tweak the different trade tools and configurations of Forex Fury, demo accounts also help traders try new strategies and approaches such as the pre-built settings that are available in the members page.

As we touched on earlier, Forex Fury has several accounts that are featured on the Myfxbook site. These showcase the success that the forex trading bot has found across multiple pairs. The major pairs that Forex Fury recommends trading with are:


Other than the above–mentioned major pairs, Forex Fury has found other forex pairs that have similar ranging market conditions. Some of the other pairs they found success trading include:


Is Forex Fury Legit & Dependable?

With a positive feedback rate of over 90% and actual product that anyone can purchase, Forex Fury is a real product that has shown to provide profitable trading opportunities in verifiable accounts. The product has been running for over six years and managed by their CEO, Patrick Ryan together with the  rest of the Forex Fury team.

User feedback ratings aside, Forex Fury continues to achieve positive growth in its accounts. Although the team is not afraid to use high risk strategies in their featured reports, the forex EA can accommodate a mix of small to large risk profiles in trading. Forex Fury can be purchased on their official website through credit card or PayPal.

How to Join Forex Fury

Now that we’ve looked into all of Forex Fury’s key features, let’s go through the steps to buy the Forex Fury product and get started on forex trading.

Step 1: Pick A Forex Fury Product

forex fury products

First, head to the Forex Fury official site and find the product section near the bottom of the page. In this section, there are two packages of the Forex Fury product: their Gold Membership ($229.99) and the Diamond Membership ($439.99). Click the Add to Cart button of your selected product.

Step 2: Pay For Forex Fury

forex fury purchase

Next, you’ll find the Forex Fury product you chose in your cart. Click on the bag icon on the upper right hand side of the page to open the cart. A summary of the order will be shown. Select Proceed to checkout and input your billing details and credit card details. Users can also choose PayPal as an alternative payment method.

Step 3: Open A Demo Account

Right after buying the product, an email will be sent with a registration link to Forex Fury. There, the download link and access to the members area will be provided. Follow the given full installation guide to add the Forex Fury EA to your MT4 or MT5 broker.

With Forex Fury active on your platform, you can open a demon trading account to set trade configurations, get accustomed to the platform, and try the EA for yourself.

Step 4: Get Started Live Trading

forex fury live

After learning the important tools and trade settings of Forex Fury, users can open a live account and start trading. The minimum deposit is $100 for micro accounts and the trading bot can use portfolios of different sizes.

Your capital is at risk.

Forex Fury Customer Support

Forex Fury has a responsive customer service team that operates 24/7. In addition to their support email that sends a response to any inquiry, Forex Fury also features a contact page as well. Quick replies can be expected between 8AM to 7PM EAST.

Forex Fury – Conclusion

Forex Fury has a winning Forex EA, growing team, and receptive customer service. Users of varying skill levels can stand to benefit not just from Forex Fury’s trading bot but the many guides, analysis, and educational content that members are given. Although the product has yet to achieve the account earnings numbers that they strive for, Forex Fury keeps a favorable winning record in Myfxbook.

If you’re in the market for a tested forex robot with years of experience and development behind it, consider the Forex Fury EA. Trustpilot reviews of the product have shown 4.3 stars from over 180 reviews alongside the reported 90% positive feedback from clients. Start trading with Forex Fury by clicking on the link below.

forex fury logo

Your capital is at risk.


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