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Do you need a payday loan in North Carolina? It is a common scenario that at one point or another, you face an emergency, but you don’t have the money. For instance, your car just broke down when you don’t have the funds for auto repair. In such cases, payday loans offer quick fixes as you may not have the time to wait for a bank loan approval.North Carolina Payday Loans...

Unfortunately, North Carolina doesn’t have storefront payday loans. Nevertheless, creative residents seeking such financial aid still have tons of alternatives, with tribal lending services leading the way. In this review, we help you figure out how to get yourself out of short-term cash flow problems with payday loan alternatives.

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Note: Payday loans have a reputation of high interest. They should be your last resort and only borrow what you can afford to pay within the shortest possible time frame without jeopardizing your financial position.

Why are there no payday loans in North Carolina?

For starters, since 2001, payday loans are illegal in North Carolina. Earlier, between 1997 and 2001, such deferred deposit transactions were accessible. But this changed when the North Carolina General Statutes 53-281 and Consumer Finance Act N.C. Gen. Stat. 53-173 came into force. These laws banned brick-and-mortar payday lenders.

Even after the ban, the residents of Tar Heel state still could access payday loans through online lenders.  The digital platforms enabled lenders to circumvent state regulations.

However, the state government moved with speed and made it nearly impossible for such providers. Even online providers based in other states and, therefore, not subject to local laws cannot provide such services in North Carolina.

The North Carolina Business Court penalized Western Sky Financial L.L.C. and its affiliates for issuing and collecting loans in the Tar Heel state. In its ruling, the court said the payday loan was adverse to the public interest. The lender operates from Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Reservation in South Dakota

North Carolina capped the interest rate at 30 percent for any lending business. Still, financial institutions within the state have tried to come up with emergency loan products, like the “Ready Advance” loan. But none of none has lasted long enough, as the consumer lobby groups such as North Carolina Justice Center, are vigilant to pinout any credit analogous to payday advance.

Payday Loan Alternatives in North Carolina

While a payday loan is the best fit for emergencies and urgent cash flow fixes, they are not an option in North Carolina. You could work around the law and succeed in getting payday loans online a couple of times, but only from unregulated lenders. Some adjacent states offer such loans, but again, you are not going to cross the border to get a loan, are you?

It’s not like there is no other option. North Carolina residents can still access short-term financial solutions, apart from their credit unions. These avenues include:

Tribal Lending Services

North Carolina Payday Loans...

The tribal loan business is a lending enterprise run by Native American tribes. Due to long-standing treaties between the federal government and these communities, they live on reservations, like in western parts of the state, and are not subject to the state laws. So these lenders operate from Native American nations and function as either brick-and-mortar or online shops to offer short-term loans.

Tribal lenders only abide by the federal laws, which in most cases, are less strict as compared to state laws. And given that most consumer protection laws are as local, these lenders are immune to such requirements. However, they are under the Native American Financial Services Association (NAFSA) that oversees regulation matters.

You don’t have to live on the reservations to be a member of the tribal community to seek a loan from these lenders. Anyone can request a loan. However, before you do so, keep the following in mind:

  • Tribal loans are not subject to the North Carolina interest cap of 36% APR.
  • In case of a dispute, you a right to a fair hearing through an arbitration committee. If this doesn’t happen, you can take the lender court.
  • Make sure you read and understand the Consumer Financial Services code of your lender’s tribe.
  • Some tribes don’t offer loans to other states.

Features of Tribal Loans

  • Operate from Native American reserves within the state.
  • Offer online installment loans.
  • Available for people with bad credit.
  • Offer from $100 up to $10,000.
  • Don’t need collateral.
  • High annual percentage rate, averaging over 300%.
  • Lenders schedule your payments along with your next paycheck.
  • You can rollover the date when unable to pay on the due date.
  • The lender automatically deducts the repayments from your bank account

Pros and Cons of Tribal Loans


  • Easy access to credit.
  • Offer a hefty sum for return customers.
  • Accept those with bad credit.
  • Payable in structured installments, which make them manageable.
  • No security needed.
  • Short-term solution for emergency expenses.


  • Low max loan amount for first-time applicants, often about $1,500.
  • Just as expensive as conventional payday loans.
  • It is limited to Native American reserve zones.
  • Frequent reports of abusive and unlawful debt collection practices.
Note: While tribal lender are generally safe to borrow from, they operate outside the state laws and so are not subject to interest caps. They can be, therefore, very expensive than other lenders.

Installment loans

North Carolina Payday Loans...

You can borrow up to $10,000 for a period of 6 to 36 months and payback in equal installment, whether you have good or bad credit. These type of loans is what we call installment loan.

The critical difference between an installment loan and a payday loan lies in how you repay them. Installment loans give you time as it spreads the payments over a relatively long period than the payday. So, such a loan gives your paycheck an adequate breathing space, with only a little amount going to the loan repayment every month.

If you compare the two loans, installment much safer. That’s why North Carolina and other states prohibit payday loans but don’t have anything against installment loans.

But still, installments are expensive.  So be sure to work only with a lender licensed to operate in the state, so that you benefit from the state’s 36% interest cap.

Features of North Carolina Installment Loans


  • Instant credit.
  • It provides a considerably large amount.
  • It has a somewhat more extended repayment period.
  • It divides the repayments into equal installments.
  • It is a high-cost loan, and those with good credit should opt for a personal loan.
  • Licensed in North Carolina, so settle for a regulated provider.
  • It is an unsecured loan.

Pros and Cons of Instalment Loans


  • Offer a large sum for return customers.
  • You repay the sum in small manageable installments.
  • Borrowers know beforehand the amount to pay each month.
  • It doesn’t delay, instant access to credit.
  • No security needed.
  • It is a short-term solution for emergency expenses.
  • Doesn’t discriminate against bad credit.


  • Short repayment terms.
  • People with poor credit suffer excessive interest rates.
  • Generally costly source of credit.
  • The longer the loan repayment period, the higher the interest you pay.
  • Some may have prepayment penalties.

State-backed financial solutions in North Carolina

When you need quick cash are cash programs backed by the government or non-profit organizations. Like most states, North Carolina has several programs that may help you when you find yourself in need of urgent financial help that can help you with food, utilities, and rent when in need.

Consequently, before committing to a clone of a payday loan, exhaust all the possible avenues, including checking with the Division of Social Services if you are eligible for any of the following funding:

  • Emergency Assistance Program
  • Crisis Intervention Program (CIP)
  • Food and Nutrition Services (FNS)
  • Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP)
  • Work First Cash Assistance
  • Medication Assistance Program (MAP)
  • Medicaid and NC MedAssist

How to Avoid Payday Loan’s Debt Spiral

We all have emergencies or get hard-pressed by life that we end up borrowing to offset our budgets. However, unplanned borrowing causes severe financial problems. And as you have already learned here, same-day loans are merely quick fixes and rarely address our actual money needs. They cure the symptoms, not the disease. The real solution lies in planning your finances. Easily put, build your credit score to qualify for quality credit facilities such as credit cards with competitive interest rates, and personal bank loans.

It all rounds down to borrowing and paying back in time. Positive payment history makes lenders believe you can be trusted to pay back what you owe on time.

If you have bad credit, all is not lost. Here are the quick steps to improve your credit rating while avoiding these expensive short-term loans, and worse a debt spiral:

  1. Set aside emergency fund: While we live hoping for the best, we must also plan for the worst. Emergencies such as job loss, medical bills, car breakdown, or even house leakages are expenses we don’t often expect, but we’ve to tackle them when they suddenly appear. So, you have two options when it happens, either borrow a quick loan or use your emergency fund. It only works out well if you had savings for emergencies.
  2. Build your credit rating: With a good credit rating, you qualify for higher-quality loan products at better rates. You can enjoy bank overdrafts, enjoy reasonable credit card limits, and other emergency loan products. Put, you’ll be able to avoid payday loans and their pitfalls. What’s more, these payday loans, particularly those offered by unregulated lenders, don’t help your credit score at all, as they don’t work with credit bureaus.
  3. Boost your loan rates with a co-signer: If you need urgent funds for family use, you can have your spouse or parent co-sign you a loan. It is a good loan option for those with bad credit. The co-signer, ideally a person with excellent credit, agrees to take full liability to pay your debt if you fail to pay. Paying off this loan as decided not only to help you build your credit history but helps you maintain your relationship with the co-signer as well.

Final thoughts

While payday loans are not legal in North Carolina, there are multiple options to access short-term credit for emergencies. A number of these options, however, are replicas of payday loans and are a bit expensive than the traditional credit facilities. Therefore, it is best to plan yourself well and borrow from such service providers only when you must. But since payday loans are a quick way to do things, they are also adversely effective. A single loan may open a floodgate of others. Therefore, before you even think of a cash advance, be sure to exhaust all the other options. But for long term financial stability, maintain a perfect repayment history.

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