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Making money online is a feat that has evolved tremendously over the past few years. Since the advent of the internet, advertisers and market researchers have turned to online platforms to gather metrics and promote their products.

Today, you can make money online in various ways, including affiliate marketing, posting monetized YouTube videos, blogging and writing, surveys, subscribing to newsletters, and playing video games.  Imagine making money at the comfort of your home or office just by engaging in mundane activities you already do online. This is precisely what InboxDollars offers.  This infamous rewards club has paid millions of dollars to its members and boasts a community with over 10 million members.

What is InboxDollars?

InboxDollars Review - Is...InboxDollars is a rewards club founded back in 2000 by Daren Cotter of CotterWeb Enterprises Inc. Since then the community has grown to millions of members who get paid for participating in a myriad of online activities. The club is among famous recipients of the prestigious Inc. 5000 Awards having bagged the price in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014.

They are also accredited by BBB (Better Business Bureau) and boast an A+ review. InboxDollars offers members the opportunity to earn real money (not points). You can earn by completing basic tasks like filling  a survey form, reading and replying emails, watching online videos and TV shows. Others include shopping, listening to radio, referring friends, signing up for offers and trying out different brands.

How does InboxDollars work?

The way InboxDollars works is pretty straightforward. Members get paid for accomplishing compelling, yet simple tasks. But why would you get paid for something as simple as watching an online video? Well, it all boils down to advertising and market research. Big and medium-sized companies require various kinds of market data to help inform their decisions. The easiest way to find this data is through interviewing loyal and prospect customers. Companies want to know what you think about their products under various aspects. InboxDollars link their members with partners that seek opinions gathered through surveys, product trials, and emails among many others.InboxDollars Review - Is...

Why should you consider InboxDollars?

i. A way to make extra money

InboxDollars offers real money for the tasks and activities you will complete. While some jobs may pay pennies and cents, several people earn a significant dollar for their actions. It depends on the quantity and quality of tasks you accomplish. You can earn money through taking part in surveys or commenting on newsletters and product offers. Other activities that fetch real money include online shopping and purchasing discounted products, and virtually all the mundane things you often do online.

ii. Explore new things

There are several exciting activities you can finish at InboxDollars, and earn money. This includes watching videos, trying out new products, and playing online games. You can watch interviews, learn about breakthrough technologies and medicine, and learn a bunch of new things from your online spare time. What’s more, you will be earning something, which is a bonus. You can also decide what areas and products to opt-in for.

iii. Get discounts and bonuses

InboxDollars offers a $5 intro bonus. However, you can earn real benefits and discounts of products you use daily. Whether you love reviewing products, shopping online, streaming music, mailing, or playing a video game, there are various discounted offers available on the platform. Let’s say you get a $10 discount for a $25 product. You would have saved real money if you were going to buy it anyway.  You can earn even more when you refer friends. Combined with the income you receive as an InboxDollar member, this can amount to significant discounts.

Here are some Pros and cons of InboxDollars


  • Earn money for hanging out online
  • Offers a plethora of money-making activities
  • An easy and convenient way of making money
  • Flexible and transparent
  • Legitimate accredited platform (no scam)
  • Sleek interface with easy navigation for both PC and mobile access


  • You are charged $3 for every $30 withdrawn
  • No PayPal or direct deposits
  • No partial payments. All balances are paid on the member’s account in full

How to make money with InboxDollars

1. Taking market research surveys

InboxDollars Review - Is...

Answering market research surveys is among the most rewarding activities on InboxDollars. The club is ranked as one of the best survey websites available today. You can answer surveys on any topic ranging from vehicle reliability to athletic brands, digital apps, gadgets, and general supplies. The platform offers real money for all responded to surveys, and there is usually a dollar value attached, so you know how much you will earn once the survey is completed. They also provide an estimate of how long it will take you to complete the task.

What’s more, a survey topic is included. This is very helpful when choosing a survey. You can easily find issues that you love or products you are familiar with.

2. Reading and replying emails

InboxDollars Review - Is...

As a member, you can earn money for reading emails. These are mostly product and service advertisements. You do not have to take the offer. InboxDollars pays you just for confirming the email. Once you opt-in to this section, you will start receiving emails with prompts to open. The more emails you read, the more they will send your way. You can get up to 3 or more emails per day. If you do not read your mails, the system will organically reduce the number of opportunities sent your way. Some offers may require you to reply the mail or sign-up for a newsletter. This is most common for product trials which are discussed below.

3. Watching videos

InboxDollars Review - Is...

You can get paid for watching a short video or segment of a TV show. The more videos you view, the more money you make. Videos are entirely random and may range from short interviews of some famous people to chefs demonstrating how to prep a meal. Regardless of the video, you get to earn money and also learn a few extra things. Some videos even offer giveaways and scratch-off cards. Whether the video is promotional or not, this provides a mindless way to earn some money for your time.

4. Commenting on offers on products and services

InboxDollars Review - Is...

This is another way to make money as an InboxDollars member. You get paid for receiving different product and service offers and giving your opinion. Choose from a wide variety of products ranging from book clubs to video streaming services, storefront credit cards, and digital business applications, among others. There are tons of offers, and you do not have to continue with any subscriptions once the trial period elapses. InboxDollars allows you to specify the types of product and service offers you would like to receive.

5. Surfing the web

InboxDollars Review - Is...

A large percentage of millennials and even other generations surf the internet daily. With more business and social activities moved online, you probably spend several minutes online searching for products and information. InboxDollars offers to pay members real money for surfing the net using their search engine. You can earn a penny for every four searches you perform with InboxDollars search engine. You also get three chances into their sweepstakes draw, which raises your earnings to one cent for four searches and a commission on top of that.

6. Playing online games

InboxDollars Review - Is...

If you love playing online games, InboxDollars offers you the opportunity to make some money while at it. It is a fun and effortless way of earning money. Other activities include shopping online, listening to the radio, signing up for offers, and referring friends.

Is it a scam?

There are numerous online scams. InboxDollars is not one of them. The platform is a trademark of the infamous CotterWeb Enterprises alongside other platforms like UK’s InboxPounds, Canada’s DailyRewards and SendEarnings.com among others. It is a legit way of making money online that has been around for close to two decades. It is headquartered is in Mendota Heights, Minnesota and had paid over $50 million to members by 2017. The founder is among the most respected advisors and mentors and recently became honored as Technology CEO at the 2017 TOTA (Titans of Technology Awards). With over 1 million Facebook fans and real users who earn money at InboxDollars, the platform offers available opportunities. They also offer a free $5 sign-up bonus. You can make the next $25 and withdraw your first $30 via check mailed to your house or ePayment wallet.

Bottom line

InboxDollar has paid millions of members since its launch back in 2000. The platform continues to grow, and anyone can earn money for finishing various simple activities. It is mostly a time investment. The more time you spend, the more activities you will be able to complete. If you have spare time, InboxDollar offers multiple opportunities to earn real money and not bonus points. InboxDollars also provide opportunities to make money from your online activity. If you shop online, watch online videos and TV shows, stream music, review products, or play video games, the platform has you covered. This makes InboxDollars ideal for part-time if you want to maximize the total income you make. As a full-timer, you need to learn how to maximize your activities and minimize the time spent finding the best opportunities.


What is the potential income from InboxDollars?

Money processing - How do you get paid?

Who does InboxDollars suit?

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