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Everybody is exploring how they can be more productive and seeking out ways in which they can earn extra income online. But this can be quite hard, especially if you have a full-time job. Enter Survey Junkie, an online survey platform that lets you make better use of the free time you spend on the internet by paying you to complete surveys posted on their website.

You, however, have probably heard of – or fallen victim to – the numerous online scams surrounding surveys or other microtask sites and wouldn’t rush to register here without first confirming if Survey Junkie is legit or just another scam. We have vetted the company and here are our observations.

Note: If you hope to earn tangible rewards completing surveys at Survey Junkie, you need to login into your account as soon as you receive the email. With their bloated member base, the required responses for different surveys fill up quickly and it is not surprising to head over to the platform 20 minutes after receiving the survey notification only to find a survey filled.

About the company

Survey Junkie was established in 2013 as a digital market research company that helps different “brands deliver better products and services” through consumer opinions. It easily passes for one of the most popular and fastest-growing companies in this niche if their claim of over 8 million members is anything to go by.

The online survey platform currently operates under DISQO’s banner and was previously managed by both Active Measure and Blue Media Ventures. It is important to note that Blue Media Ventures has a customer rating of A+ on BBB.Survey Junkie Review -...

How does it work?

Survey Junkie is an online market research company where brands seek consumer opinion with regards to their different products and services. Registering on the platform and accessing the different paid tasks available here is free. But you also must be a Canada, Australia, or United States resident and commit to opening not more than one influencer account to join the platform.

Once signed up you will receive regular email notifications about different surveys as soon as they are posted.

For every survey or every other paid microtask you complete here, you will be awarded a given number of points. These can then be redeemed once you reach the required withdrawal limit.

How can you make money on Survey Junkie?

1) Completing user profile and profile surveys:

Survey Junkie Review -...

Making money with survey junkie starts at the signup stage. The process is quite straightforward and you will only be asked to fill out such questions as your email address, date of birth, gender and Zip code. For this, you will be awarded 25 points and 50 points if you go on and create complete the user profile.

Confirming your email will earn you 25 points while taking a short video tour on ‘how the site works’’ gets you 5 points. These add up to 105 points for registering and while you only register a profile once, it is enough headstart and motivation to get you going in this platform. There also exist the more frequent and smaller profile tasks specific to different surveys that pay 10 points.

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2) Paid surveys:

Survey Junkie Review -...

Completing surveys is the most predominant way of making money on the platform. The site will always push numerous emails your way notifying you of new surveys if you match their requirements. But you don’t always have to wait for the email notifications and can simply log into your user account on the company website and complete available surveys.

You will be awarded points – LifePoints – for every survey you complete. And how much you make on a particular survey will be determined by such factors as the amount of time taken to complete the survey as well as the complexity of the said survey. Nevertheless, both the estimated time to complete the survey and how much you expect to make by completing the survey are displayed beforehand.

Ideally, these surveys can earn you between a few cents to tens of dollars. Most will, however, average between $2 and $10 in redeemable LifePoints.

One of the upsides to registering with Survey Junkie is that the platform rarely runs out of paid surveys. On the flip side, you won’t qualify for all surveys on the site as some are strictly designed for a particular demographic.

Survey Junkie uses the personal information you keyed in when registering to allocate you survey gigs. But you will also be awarded a few points even when you don’t qualify, especially if you had already started answering the survey questions and were disqualified along the way. A few coins for your trouble it seems.

3) Focus groups:

Survey Junkie Review -...

Unlike other survey websites like MySurvey and Panel Place Company that offer product testing as their big-dollar generator, Survey Junkie incorporates Focus Groups. These are highly tailored over-the-web discussions about specific products and surveys. They tend to be engaging and fan compared to the traditional surveys, not to mention that they pay way higher than surveys.

Some of the downsides to focus groups on Survey Junkie and any other survey site include the fact that they are highly infrequent. They also call for more strict qualification requirements.

How do you get paid by Survey Junkie?

Survey Junkie Review -...

Every 100 Life Points earned on Survey Junkie translate to $1. A survey that pays 500 points, for instance, would be worth be  about $5 gig. You will so need a minimum 1000 LifePoints, $10, to make a withdrawal request.

The points can be redeemed into cash and have Survey Junkie deposit them into your PayPal account. Alternatively, you can receive the payment in the form of e-gift cards to some of the leading online retailer brands like Target and Amazon.

What are the pros and cons of working with the market research company?


  • Simplistic interface:

We liked the simplistic and easy to use user interface on Survey Junkie website. This makes it possible for non-technologically savvy influencers to get around the site with the utmost ease. Plus, instead of presenting you with a complicated registration process, they have broken it into small non-complex steps. Not to mention that they pay you to not just register but also take a tour of how the site works which further eliminates confusion.

  • Straightforward point redemption and fast redemption:

One of the biggest challenges facing survey companies, and one that has seen several reputable sites called out as scams is their often complicated payout processes. They either maintain higher than average withdrawal limits or complex point redemption systems. At survey junkie, however, 100 points translate to $1 and withdrawal limit is set at a paltry 1000 points that translates to $10 whether you redeem it for cash or gift vouchers.

  • Highly convenient:

You only need access to an internet-connected system to complete surveys and earn rewards. Plus these are available on the company site around the clock. Unlike your day job, Survey Junkie doesn’t impose deadlines or working schedules.

  • Get paid for all your efforts:

Survey Junkie doesn’t indicate the survey topic beforehand and it is only revealed to you after accepting the survey. Plus on most occasions, you won’t be disqualified outright based on your profile but based on how you answer the first few survey questions. But for all your troubles, Survey Junkie will still compensate the effort.


  • Surveys fill up too fast:

Survey Junkie’s huge member base is at times a disadvantage to its member base. For instance, surveys on the platform fill up pretty fast and require to answer them as soon as you receive the notification to avoid being left out. This inconveniences most full-time workers who only have little free time for the surveys.

  • Limited money-making options:

There are only two recurrent ways of making money on Survey Junkie; paid surveys and participating in focus groups. Compare this to such other online reward sites like toluna that has over ten online income generating streams that include watching short videos, play short video games, and even product testing.

  • No app for mobile use:

In a world where almost every popular site or online platform has a replica app, it is disappointing to note that Survey Junkie doesn’t have one. This makes it quite inconveniencing for influencers who would like to complete surveys while on the move.

Is survey Junkie legit?

Yes, Survey Junkie is a legit online money-making website. It not only has a well-structured income generation streams but also has a fully functional payment system.

Is it worth your time?

You will not get rich by completing surveys or participating in Survey Junkie’s focus groups. Both these structure not only carry very low payments but are also quite infrequent. If you are looking to make your free time – the time you spend on the internet – more productive, you are encouraged to register with Survey Junkie but you are better off looking for a job if you want an online income-generating idea that you can exploit to settle your monthly bills.


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What shouldn’t I expect from the survey company?

How can I make money on Survey Junkie?

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