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Looking for the best TV and broadband deals in the United States? For many, the finest cable TV plus internet services boil down to the price. For others, price is not that much of an issue since what they want from their service provider is the supreme quality, uninterrupted round the clock service. Whether you are price conscious or mindful of quality, we have got you covered with all the suitable options you can think of.

We have picked up some of the premier cable TV and internet deals based on speed, bandwidth or data caps and the number of channels available. Combining TV and internet services into a single package can provide users with benefits that might not be available if someone opted for these services individually. We’ve discussed below some of the best TV and broadband deals available in the market right now.

There are around 450 cable TV and broadband internet service providers operating in the US as of 2020. When it comes to both coverage area and population, the largest TV and broadband service in the US is being provided by XFINITY from Comcast, which is available in 40 states, with more than 111 million people currently using this service.

Read on to know more about the best TV and broadband deals you can check out today.

Quick Summary of the Best TV and Broadband Deals in the US

Service Provider Name Monthy Price Number of Channels Maximum Speed Download Speed Number of States Estimated Population Covered
XFINITY $49.99–$159.99 260 987 Mbps 60–500 Mbps 40 111,000,000
Charter Spectrum $59.98–$144.97 200 940 Mbps 200 Mbps 42 102,000,000
Suddenlink Communications $44.99–$144.99 340 1000 Mbps 100–1000 Mbps 19 6,000,000
RCN $29.99–$119.99 295 1000 Mbps 25–1000 Mbps 07 4,000,000
Century Link $85–$235 330 1000 Mbps 10-10000 Mbps 39 43,000,000

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Broadband and TV Deal in the US


Price is one of the main features to look out for when you are deciding on the best broadband and TV package for you.

It is often cheaper to get both the broadband and TV as a bundle from the same company and the price often reflect how fast your broadband will be and how many tv channels are on offer.

Faster  Connection

If you have a big family or share the house with other occupants, you should consider this when looking into buying your TV and broadband package. The more people using the internet at one time, the more pressure on the connection, so it’s advised to can choose an unlimited broadband and TV package. An unlimited package allows you to use as much internet as you want without worrying about being cut off or charged extra fees.


Based on where you live, you will have different service providers available to you. Some providers even offer different packages based on your location so make sure you do your homework.

Channel Selection

There are so many channels out there so be sure to check that the provider you are looking to go with has the channel selection you are most interested in.

For instance, not all providers will offer all sports channels in HD, so it’s what is important to you that you get what you want from your package.

Contract Length

Most contracts last between 12 and 24 months, some providers are coming up with a ‘No contract’ basis, so don’t tie yourself into anything longer than you want to be.

Also, be conscious if you are planning on moving before your contract comes to an end as there may be hidden transfer fees.

Extra Charges

There can often be hidden charges such as the transfer fee mentioned above. There could also be delivery fees, installation fees and charges for going over your package.

Customer Service

Customer support is crucial when it comes to broadband and TV services. The best provider should be able to offer you immediate support when needed all around the clock.

Top 5 TV and Broadband Deals in the US

1. XFINITY from Comcast - Across 40 States

XFINITY from Comcast offers internet access across 40 states with the largest coverage in California, Illinois and Florida. The cable plus internet facility from Comcast’s XFINITY is accessible to more or less 111.6 million people, making it the biggest household cable supplier in the U.S based on coverage area. Apart from the cable broadband, Xfinity also provides its residential users with fiber internet service, which is accessible to roughly 18,000 individuals.

our rating

  • Fast internet speed
  • Increased TV channel counts
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Data cap

Xfinity Services

Xfinity from Comcast provides its users with three essential services:

  • Internet Access: Xfinity provides broadband-based cable internet with speed normally in the 100-1,000 mbps range.
  • TV Service: Xfinity provides digital cable TV and the Smart TV platform called Xfinity X1.
  • Telephone Service: Xfinity provides digital voice (VoIP) landline telephone service all across all covered regions.

Xfinity also provides a home security suite known as Xfinity Home. This facility is a “smart home” technology that makes security camera network and alarm systems available and controllable via the mobile devices of the subscribers. Xfinity Home also has the capability to integrate closely with their next-gen television offering, Xfinity X1, permitting you to manage the system using your TV or through voice.

The company has been updating its digital cable TV services to a smart TV suite Xfinity X1, which, according to the company is “ The entertainment operating system”. X1 is available for use in most of the parts of the Comsat coverage area. The X1 TV service is based on an across the board DVR set-top TV box that combines TV and internet services into one interface, making it accessible from all the television sets present in your home. Apart from the availability of Xfinity’s own on-demand content library, Xfinity X1 perfectly integrates with Netflix.

Xfinity Contract and Bundle Options

Xfinity offers both contract and contract-free services to its clients, although the details included in the service are different for each area. Those customers who choose bundled internet and TV service on a one or two-year contract benefit from the cheap monthly charges.

Also, Xfinity bundle plans are more useful for permanent residents or those who reside for a long time in one area. However, these plans are not so perfect for renters or students who may need to move or shift suddenly during the period of the contract, resulting in early termination charges. For such clients, Xfinity recommends its contract-free plans.

Xfinity contract plans are mostly around $10/month.

2. Charter Spectrum - Across 42 States

Charter Spectrum provides its users with internet service across 42 states with the largest coverage in California, New York and Texas. Its cable internet facility is available to more or less 102.7 million people, making it the second-biggest household cable supplier in the U.S when it comes to the coverage area.

Apart from the cable broadband, Charter Spectrum also provides a fiber internet service, which is available to commercial users in 5,899 zip codes.

Since its merger with Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks in 2016, Charter Communications has grown its operations to become one of the biggest internet providers in the states. It has the most extensive coverage area in California, New York, Texas and 39 other states and mainly delivers its service by utilizing the Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial framework.

One of the most defining characteristics of Charter Spectrum is its straightforward pricing mechanism as compared to other cable service providers. It also provides its clients with telephone bundles and digital TV facilities.

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  • Fast internet speed
  • Unlimited data
  • No contract
  • Limited speed options

Charter Spectrum’s Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial Cable Network

Charter Spectrum utilizes an HFC (Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial) framework for delivering the wired broadband services. Basically, this implies that the data on its network mostly transmits over fiber lines to the subscribers. It switches over to the older, less expensive coaxial cable lines over short distances within neighborhoods. The distance of this coaxial hop varies. However, the overall impact is such that the downloading speeds come in the range of 50–500 mbps and the uploading speed is around 10–25 mbps.

When compared with the fiber’s 1,000 Mbps “Gigabit” benchmark, this is moderate. However, comparing it with the 15 mbps average provided by DSL, it’s quite faster. This increased balance of affordability and performance makes its cable service the most common method of connecting American consumers with the internet.

Bandwidth sharing is the major issue with HFC or cable networks, which is the result of numerous homes being associated with a single fiber node in the territory. Consider it as branches in a tree getting smaller as they spread out. If one of the branches needs more water, the tree may send more water to that one branch at the expense of other branches. This phenomenon can be observed during peak hours mostly in late afternoon and evening time when most clients see a decrease in the internet speeds because of the high volume of online steaming happening on the “over the top OTT” media services such as Netflix.

Features of Charter Spectrum’s Deals and Bundles

The following are the best internet and TV bundles available for Charter Spectrum in the US:

1. Triple Play Select

  • Speed limits: 10-100 mbps
  • Television: Spectrum TV Select
  • Phone: Unlimited calling facility
  • Connection type: Cable
  • Modem included
  • Data Caps: None
  • $99.97/month 1-year promo rate

2. Triple Play Select (Includes HBO, NFL Network and Showtime)

  • Speed Limits: 10-100 Mbps
  • Television: Spectrum TV Silver
  • Phone: Unlimited calling facility
  • Connection type: Cable
  • Modem included
  • Data Caps: None
  • $124.97/month 1-year promo rate

3. Triple Play Gold (Includes HBO, NFL Network, Showtime, TMC, STARZ, STARZ ENCORE)

  • Speed Limits: 10-100 mbps
  • Television: Spectrum TV Gold
  • Phone: Unlimited calling facility
  • Connection type: Cable
  • Modem included
  • Data Caps: None
  • $144.97/month 1-year promo rate

4. Spectrum Double Play Select

  • Speed Limits: 10-100 Mbps
  • Connection type: Cable
  • Modem included
  • Data Caps: None
  • $89.98/month 1-year promo rate

This can be upgraded to Spectrum Double Play Silver for additional $25/month or Spectrum Double Play Gold for additional $45/month.

How to Compare Different Charter Spectrum Bundles

The following are some basic rules to remember while comparing various Spectrum bundles:

  • Consider bundled services: Usually, the price of availing bundled services is moderately more expensive than one of the standalone options. Availing both the internet and TV services together will be more effective in case you watch a lot of television.
  • Check its pricing: While Charter Spectrum is usually transparent and straightforward with its pricing policies, a portion of the promoted prices are just applicable to Spectrum’s TV bundles so be sure to thoroughly check the pricing you’ll get before signing up.
  • Check its promotional rates: Charter Spectrum usually provides its new clients with a “promotional rate” that is valid only for a year and expires after the first year of using internet service. The price of the package generally rises 10–40% after that.

3. Suddenlink Communications - Across 19 States

Suddenlink Communications provides its internet services across 19 states, with the largest coverage in Texas, Louisiana and West Virginia. Its cable internet is accessible to more or less 6.8 million people, making it the 7th biggest household cable network in the U.S when it comes to the coverage area.

Apart from its cable broadband, Suddenlink also provides fiber internet service. Its fiber service is available for use to commercial users in 529 zip codes.

The cable technology that is utilized to deliver Suddenlink service is increasingly quicker and more efficient than ordinary DSL lines, though it isn’t as fast as a true fiber service.

our rating

  • Fast internet speed
  • Unlimited data
  • High number of available TV channels
  • Activation fee

Some of Suddenlink’s prominent services include:

  • Commercial and residential broadband internet
  • Commercial and residential TV service
  • Commercial and residential digital voice service
  • TV and digital advertising services for commercial clients

1. Bundle 1

$84.99/month for 940 mbps

  • 50-940 mbps with no data cap
  • A $3.50 fee for network enhancement
  • $50 Amazon gift card
  • Modem with WiFi: $10/month
  • Cable

2. Bundle 2

$54.99/month for 400 mbps

  • 40-400 mbps with no data cap
  • 2-year promo rate
  • A $3.50 fee for network enhancement
  • $50 Amazon Gift Card
  • Modem with WiFi: $10/month
  • Cable

4. RCN - Across 7 States

RCN provides internet service across 7 states, having the largest network in New York, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. RCN’s cable internet is available for use to more or less 4.1 million people, which makes it the 8th biggest household cable service provider in the U.S. when it comes to the coverage area.

Apart from its cable broadband, RCN also provides copper and fiber internet facilities. Its copper service is being used by commercial customers in 171 zip codes. Its fiber service is being used by commercial clients in 259 zip codes.

RCN is a big telecommunications organization. Its main products are residential or household telephone, internet and TV. Each one of these services comes over the cable network, delivering high bandwidth when compared to the ordinary DSL networks.

It is well-known for providing gigabit internet, with downloading speeds in the 1,000 mbps range, which is equivalent to fiber despite the fact that it comes with lesser uploading speeds, which is considered to be a standard for cable service.

Also, it is famous for its local client assistance and support, which helps in getting positive reviews as compared to other major cable services.

our rating

  • Lower prices
  • Unlimited data
  • No contract
  • Limited availability
  • Slow uploading speeds
Plans Price (For First Year Only) Downloading Speed Number of TV Channels
Digital Basic + 25 Mbps Internet $34.99 25 Mbps 70+
Digital Basic + 155 Mbps Internet $44.99 155 Mbps 70+
Digital Basic TV + 1 Gbps Internet $64.99 1000 Mbps 70+
Signature TV + 155 Mbps Internet $89.99 155 Mbps 295+
Signature TV + 330 Mbps Internet $99.99 330Mbps 295+
Signature TV + 1 Gbps Internet $109.99 1000 Mbps 295+

5. CenturyLink - Across 50 States

our rating

  • High speed
  • Nationwide availability
  • DirecTV inclusion
  • Slow speed in certain areas

Take note of the two important tips in mind while comparing CenturyLink’s Internet Bundles.

  • Early termination charges: A large number of CenturyLink’s internet bundles come with a provision of signing a contract and dodging out on that contract can result in higher expenses (ETFs) capable of breaking your bank. Ensure that you can commit to the whole term of a contract when you sign up for CenturyLink’s services.
  • Bundle services: CenturyLink is in contract with DirecTV to offer top-notch TV programming as part of its bundle deals. In case you’re keen on adding TV service to your plan, you can save a lot of money by bundling DirecTV with your internet as compared to buying these two services individually.
Plans Price (For first year plus taxes) Downloading Speed Number of TV Channels


Can I get a TV and broadband deal without a phone line?

Although it’s a lot harder to get a TV and broadband bundle that comes without a phone line rental, it is possible. You will have to find standalone TV and broadband bundles individually.

However, it’s usually cheaper to take the landline service as well so if you have enough budget, it’s highly recommended that you get a phone line as well.

Why should I get a broadband and TV deal together?

Combining your TV and broadband bundles into one package can result in a lot of benefits you probably won’t get by buying separate deals.

Below are some of the reasons why you should get a broadband and TV deal together.

  • Better pricing as service providers sometimes give away discounts on signing up for multiple products
  • Free additional items such as vouchers, cashback or devices like PCs and tablets as a joining incentive
  • The package is normally more straightforward to manage as you’ll just have one bill and one point of contact for all bundled services

Below are some additional key points to consider that can help you decide if you need to get a TV and broadband bundle.

  • Do you watch a lot of television? – If you are not a big-time TV watcher or if you normally simply stream from services like Netflix or Amazon Prime, a TV bundle probably won’t be necessary for you.
  • Is it okay if you can only choose from a few service providers? – There aren’t many service providers available in the market that offer both TV and broadband so you’ll be confined to just a couple of choices.
  • Do you think about switching in the future? – If at any time in the future you need to change to an alternate broadband or TV supplier, the procedure may be increasingly complicated and you could wind up paying more.


In order to get the best TV and broadband deal, make sure to thoroughly study what all the available service providers in your area have to offer. You should also take into account the monthly rate you can afford as well as your streaming preferences.

The other factors that you need to consider include the download speed, download limit, availability of the service provider in your area, equipment fee, customer service and contract length.


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